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Money back guarantee
Money back guarantee30 days30 days30 days
Number of servers
Number of servers+3000+5000+100
Simultaneous connections
Simultaneous connections3 devices6 devices3 devices
Anti-fingerprinting system
Anti-fingerprinting system
No Logs Policy
No Logs Policy
Kill Switch
Kill Switch
Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps
Tor Browser Support
Tor Browser Support
Fire TV Support
Fire TV Support
Customer support
Customer support
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  • 24/7 Support
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  • 1 Tell me again, why do I need a VPN?
  • There are plenty of reasons why a VPN should not be missing from any internet connected
    device you have.With a VPN all your online activity and personal data will be encrypted inside a virtually
    tunnel that no one will ever be able to access.A VPN also lets you break the chains of Internet censorship going on inside private online
    Colleges, universities, and even companies frequently resort to blocking access to certain

    Plus, with a VPN, you’ll also bypass those annoying geo-restrictions that most streaming
    services use.

  • 2 Will I get into any legal trouble for using a VPN?
  • Certain countries that are currently fighting a war against freedom of speech and citizen
    have gone as far as passing VPN prohibition laws. These countries are China, Turkey, Iraq,
    Russia, Belarus,
    and North Korea. In addition to these, UAE and Iran only allow certain governmental approved
    VPNs.That means that unless you’re from one of these countries that have passed such a
    prohibition law, VPN usage is 100% legal.Mind you, however, that it does not mean that a VPN makes it legal to download or access any
    material that has copyrights to it.
  • 3 Will I notice any speed drops?
  • One of the most controversial aspects of using a VPN is – or used to be -the joint
    If you google ‘VPN,’ you’ll probably find that a lot of people complain about some
    significant speed-drops.We’re happy to let you know that this is not the case anymore.VPN companies have become more and more aware of the importance of speed for their users,
    and they’ve acted
    accordingly. Nowadays, if you’re using a top VPN – like ExpressVPN VPN – you’ll hardly even
    notice the impact
    of a VPN on your internet speed.

    In fact, has awarded ExpressVPN with a distinction for offering one of the
    fastest VPNs on the market.